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What is Groupage? and What are the benefits?
Groupage is a term used when hauliers consolidate a variety of goods from different consignors (usually palletised on one trailer load) The benefits of groupage are based around cost reductions for customers and efficient distribution networks.

The benefits of groupage for Atchison Topeka customers include cost effective rates, delivery point efficiency and coherence.

What is WeSupply?
WeSupply is a market leading B2B Business Process Platform that enables companies to exchange data and manage business processes between a company's internal systems and those of its external business partners.

What are Food Miles?
Food miles are a way of attempting to measure how far food has travelled before it reaches the consumer. It is a good way of looking at the environmental impact of foods and their ingredients.

How do you ensure High Quality and Low costs?
Because we utilise groupage to delivery points we are able to consolidate deliveries that bring in efficiencies not just to your customers receiving your products but also the delivery of other products to that site.

Who is responsible for my inventory?
We manage your stock for you ensuring that FIFO is adhered to or any other specific requirements you might have.

I need my stock Relabeling/Repacking/Rectifying, can you help?
Yes we can. We have a variety of additional services that will assist you with the demands of you customers.

Are you able to do stock sampling on our behalf?
Yes, we can sample pick and courier to your specified laboratory or customer.

What hidden cost are there?
None, we don't like or believe in hidden costs for our customers.

What is Day 1 for Day 3?
D1/D3 refers to the order profile, when you place an order on Day 1, it will be delivered 2 days later, on Day 3. ie, Place the order with AT on Monday and your customer will receive it on Wednesday.

Can you do Same Day deliveries?
Yes we can, and pretty much up to anywhere in the UK.

Do you have any restrictions on when you deliver?
We operate 363 days a year and have just Christmas Day and New Years day off.

Can you trace my stock at all times?
Yes, we have a state of the art WMS (Warehouse Management System) that is RF enabled and track each pallet from receipt to delivery.

How do I get my POD's?
All POD's are scanned and available to view online within 24 hours.

What is BRC? and Why is BRC important to me?
The British Retail Consortium Global Standards lead global product safety and quality certification. It is designed to give confidence in the food safety industry and

Developed by retailers and driven by retailers, BRC Global Standards are a market leading global brand that helps build confidence in the food safety industry. Rigorous and detailed, BRC Global Standards are tried and trusted by leading global retailers to deliver effective supply chain management and legal compliance.

What is HACCP? and Why is HACCP important to me?
HACCP is a  systematic approach to identifying hazards and measures for their control to ensure an effective food safety plan based on Codex Alimentarius principles. HACCP addresses physical, chemical, biological and allergenic hazards. The system is used in all stages of food handling, storage and distribution, and once implemented can reduce or eliminate the risk of hazards occurring and providing you with confidence that Atchison Topeka take the utmost care and due diligence with your food ingredients.

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