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Chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut renews its bulk tanker liquid contract with Atchison Topeka – April 2012

Barry Callebaut The requirement within the latest renewal was to achieve a lower cost base without compromising quality or service.

Atchison Topeka’s head of tanker operations Adam Cooper said: “This is a huge achievement for us, and has taken a supreme effort from all concerned to deliver the cost savings required while remaining true to our values.

Barry Callebaut supply chain manager Colin Bristow said: “Atchison Topeka delivered a compelling business case for the renewal of the contract and their proposition represents the best value for Barry Callebaut.

Logistics - the role of the logistics service provider – January 2012

Atchison Topeka is a UK-based LSP that has cut itself a niche role in supplying food ingredients to manufacturers.

"We are not selling empty trucks and warehousing but a value proposition of key supply chain skills within the food sector," says sales manager Scott Waters.

Atchison Topeka stores and transports food ingredients such as chocolate, starches, sugars, jams, bakery mixes, whey powders and milk powders, mainly used in the bakery and confectionery market for major ingredient suppliers such as Cargill, Kerry Group, Archer Daniels Midland and Barry Callebaut.

The business is separated between a bulk tanker operation and palletised goods storage and distribution. Atchison Topeka has a European dimension to its operations too, distributing milk from the UK to the continent and bringing in juices from the Netherlands and chocolate from Belgium.

Waters says: "Our work with [United Biscuits'] McVitie's perhaps best demonstrates our business model as a consolidator and networker of food ingredients based on groupage rather than full-truck loads. We deliver a variety of ingredients used in the production of jaffa cakes at its Manchester plant on a single truck having each of McVitie's suppliers as customers too.

"This model supports two key initiatives of manufacturers, both of them crucial in the present economic climate : the reduction of working capital and just-in-time delivery which supplies product as and when required."

Read the full article on the Just-Food website here.

Logistics - the food sector's sustainability initiatives – November 2011

UK logistics firm Atchison Topeka's sustainable development provision focuses on removing wasteful activity from the supply chain, says sales manager Scott Waters.

The company is investigating X-ray services to check for contamination in order to allow as much product as possible to be recovered while it also makes the re-use and recycling of material a priority too. Its supply chain waste management policy also takes the form of reducing 'empty' truck miles.

"It's built into our planning that when our trucks have completed their delivery runs we look to optimise return loads for onward distribution and collection of re-usable equipment such as IBC's and plastic pallets in order to avoid them returning to our main base empty and it's proved successful. This benefits customers who are not having to pay for empty miles and provides a beneficial reverse logistics solution."

Atchison Topeka is also exploring multi-modal transport solutions such as rail-road services between northern Europe and the UK, particularly for bulk shipments.

"But the key issue is generating a critical mass of product and this is only likely to be achieved by people getting round a table, essentially competitors, and agreeing to collaborate," Waters says. "Multi-modal also needs to have a flatter plan that sticks to forecast otherwise there will be conflicts with customers who need their LSPs to be first and foremost flexible and responsive."

Read the full article on the Just-Food website here.

Dairy to Doorstep – Atchison Topeka the vital link - September 2011

Third-party ‘food ingredients’ logistics company Atchison Topeka, is pleased to announce that it has achieved DTAS (Dairy Transport Assurance Scheme) accreditation.

The standard covers the transportation of raw milk and milk related products such as cream, skim concentrate and whey from farms to dairies and other dairy processing plants.

Combining food safety legal requirements with recognised industry good practice, the standard aims to provide complete confidence in each link of the milk handling supply chain. It also sets out to determine operating procedures for hauliers in response to customer requirements.

The standards comprise of a set of minimum requirements to ensure food safety, including food hygiene, traceability and operational procedures which hauliers must achieve when transporting milk and milk related products.

DTAS accreditation is a relatively new standard. It was devised to ensure compliance to exacting standards of food safety.  Once the standard has been attained it is periodically reviewed by external auditors, so it is important that all staff involved in handling milk and related products can demonstrate they are complying with the prerequisite requirements.

Atchison Topeka’s Quality Manager, Joanne Bradley said: “It is envisaged that the new standard will be incorporated within the Red Tractor scheme and therefore more widely recognised. Although we had already got 90% of the legal requirements in place, through securing other food standards, we could not have attained it without the co-operation and hard work from our tanker division."

“DTAS will definitely increase the scope of our operations and open doors of opportunity which will be the key to the development of our tanker division. Through innovation and best practice we want to create the ultimate tanker platform to attract new business and enable our existing customers to benefit from the increasing range of services we can supply to them.

Sweet success with Atchison Topeka – August 2011

Atchison Topeka secure £250k contract with Napier Brown

Droitwich-based food ingredients 3PL company, Atchison Topeka has secured £250k contract with sugar and sugar-based products giants Napier Brown.

The contract will involve the collection and distribution of stock palletised, sugar-based ambient goods from Napier Brown’s Normanton production facility. The project has been subject to a 12 month trial period that has now been successfully completed.

Napier Brown, supply to a range of markets from manufacturing to retail and wholesale. It also provides off-the-shelf and bespoke recipes and formats. The contract with Atchison Topeka is part of its move to consolidate some of its collection and distribution activities.

Atchison Topeka’s Sales Manager, Scott Waters, who was instrumental in securing the business acquisition and overseeing the contact said: “We are naturally delighted to have secured the contract with Napier Brown which will simplify certain elements of its operations and matches our food network very well. The consolidation of palletised food ingredients is a good example of where we can deliver efficiencies by reducing costs within the supply chain.”

As many food retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers attempt to minimise operational costs as the price of fuel and raw materials continue to rise, Atchison Topeka is experiencing an unprecedented demand for its services.

Over the last two years the company has extended the scope of its operations as a commitment to add even more value into the traditional supply chain model, to help its customers improve their profit margins.

Napier Brown’s Logistics and Raw Materials Manager, Louise Kennedy said:
“2011 has brought many challenges to the Logistics team at Normanton to create the right balance of service and support within our network. This is where Atchison Topeka has successfully demonstrated their ability to add value, flexibility and quality to our supply model.  My team and I are looking forward to future development opportunities as we continue to drive and create synergies between our businesses. “

Atchison Topeka adds another certification to its growing credentials - June 2011

Soil Association CertificationDroitwich-based food ingredients 3PL company, Atchison Topeka has recently been awarded Soil Association Certification.

The official certification has now been given to the company after passing the Soil Association audit back in May with flying colours.

Soil Association Certification is the most trusted and recognised organic standard in the UK. Over 80% of organic products in Britain carry the Soil Association symbol as it has gained the trust, respect and confidence of consumers and producers across the globe.

Atchison Topeka’s Soil Association audit was extremely successful and resulted in no areas of non-conformance.

The trusted and widely recognised certification will significantly extend the scope of the company’s operations to include the storage of organic ambient goods and the distribution of organic liquid dairy products. It will also enable AT to distribute palletised, organic ambient goods and carry out road tanker washing operations at its Worcester site.

Worldwide consumer demand for organic food has significantly grown over the last three years and with this comes a critical need to uphold the standards established at every point in the supply chain.

Quality manager Joanne Bradley feels that Soil Association Certification will open even more doors for the company in terms of expanding the scope of their operations.

She said: “The moving and storage of organic products is definitely an area where we would like to develop the business in the future. Soil Association Certification supplemented by BRC Food Safety Standard has given us the robust controls to enable us to do this and preserve the organic status and integrity of organic food products.”

The company is continuously improving the quality and diversity of its services for the benefit of its customers. By building and expanding its food ingredients network through the achievement of accreditations and certifications, Atchison Topeka is strengthening its brand in a highly competitive sector.

Atchison Topeka ‘A’ team delivers enhanced food safety standard – May 2011

BRC CertifiedThird-party ‘food ingredients’ logistics company Atchison Topeka, is pleased to announce that it has achieved a Grade A ‘BRC Global Standard for Food Safety’ accreditation.

The ‘much coveted’ British Retail Consortium (BRC) standard is designed to assess the ability of food processors to comply with food safety requirements and demonstrate due diligence. Atchison Topeka is one of the only 3PL to have attained certification which is prerequisite for many of the UK’s leading food retailers and global food service companies.

Atchison Topeka’s Quality Manager, Joanne Bradley, believes that the accreditation demonstrates what can be achieved by a focused and disciplined team sharing the same objectives. She said:“I cannot emphasise enough what a huge commitment this is for the business and what team effort was involved in attaining this level of accreditation.

She feels that the accreditation sends out a clear message to both existing and potential customers and adds: “As part of our continuation as a business we want to branch into the food handling sector. Inevitably with this comes a heightened expectation of food safety requirements ensuring the high standards our customers expect and themselves operate at are offered and satisfied.

Operations Project Manager, Adam Cooper’s role in providing support to the operational and technical teams was pivotal to the success of the process and said: “The accreditation enables us to extend the scope of our services, adding value to the traditional supply chain model.

The food industry is dictated by variable demands where processors and handlers can periodically find themselves full to capacity. “AT now has the potential to offer a range of ancillary services such as co-packing/repacking, blending-powders or liquids, mixing and sachet packing which would help customers during those often unpredictable fluctuations.” adds Mr Cooper. 

As an endorsement of technical competence and excellence the BRC ‘Global Standard for Food Safety’ accreditation will enable AT to offer a wider range of innovative and value added supply chain solutions. The extension of its core business provision demonstrates a commitment to its customers by its ability to deliver enhanced levels of service and competitive advantage.

Cadbury go more than nuts with Atchison Topeka! - October 2010

Cadbury go more than nuts with Atchison Topeka!Atchison Topeka has recently launched its Worcester-based decanting facility and is pleased to announce it has been given the seal of approval from global confectionary giant, Cadbury.

Earlier this year, a three year contract was signed to provide Cadbury with a daily supply of nuts into their production line at Bournville.

Atchison Topeka has provided Cadbury with a decanting facility consisting of two separate controlled decant rooms, one dedicated to nuts, the other to non nut inclusions.

The site's set-up has been carefully monitored by Atchison Topeka's Quality Manager, Joanne Bradley who says: "This attention to detail is paramount when dealing with food allergens and is affirmation of our drive to ensure absolute food safety across the entire supply chain which is demonstrated by our BRC accreditation".

Cadbury's Project Manager Paul Jobin adds: "The Worcester facility demonstrates the Cadbury commitment to continually raise quality standards across the supply chain, and is testament to what good collaboration can achieve."

DanoneDanone in ‘safe hands’ with Atchison Topeka contract packing - September 2010

Atchison Topeka has collaborated with one of the global leaders in dairy products and baby nutrition, Danone, signing a contract which involves the re-packing of Cow & Gate baby food into smaller, ‘shelf ready’ packaging for the UK’s major retailers.

Contract packingDanone’s Co Packing Manager, Stewart Sowerby says: “The introduction of the operation at Atchison Topeka’s Worcester site was streamlined; no issues were encountered throughout the implementation and we are very pleased with the high level of service being provided.

Adam Cooper, Atchison Topeka’s Project Manager states: “We are thrilled to be working with such a prestigious company and hope that our relationship with Danone can develop into further business in the future. We are confident that we will exceed their expectations in terms of the level of service they require.

Offering a number of value added services, such as contract packing and IBC washing, many food manufacturers are recognising the benefits of including Atchison Topeka as a critical link in their supply chains.

Food manufacturers and handlers everywhere are under continuous pressure to sustain competitive consumer pricing.  Atchison Topeka’s Food Ingredients Logistics Network can help to reduce environmental impacts and costs without compromising product quality.

ADM Classic business win for Midlands firm - August 2010

Third-party food logistics company, Atchison Topeka has recently secured a significant contract with food ingredients company, ADM Classic.

With their UK headquarters in Speke, Liverpool, ADM Classic is part of the multi- national food processing giant ADM based in Decatur, Illinois operating over 230 processing plants in more than 60 countries across six continents.

Manufacturing products ranging from vegetable oil to milling flour to chocolate, ADM’s UK operations alone employ 1,270 people.

Atchison Topeka is to distribute cocoa powder and chocolate products to approximately 20 of ADM’s customers around the UK. The contract has been in work in progress for the last few months and has just been signed off.

Diane Byrne, ADM’s Supply Chain Manager said:  “I am thrilled to be working with Atchison Topeka. ADM have undertaken a number of changes over the past year. We have found working with Atchison Topeka has enabled us to gain efficiencies and streamline our processes.”

Atchison Topeka is currently experiencing increasing demand for their services as more and more ingredients suppliers and manufacturers are realising the  benefits to be gained by integrating third-party logistics into the traditional supply chain model.

Mike Philips, Atchison Topeka’s Managing Director commented: “ADM have a worldwide reputation for exemplary levels of food integrity and strong ethical values, so we consider working with them an endorsement of their confidence in us as custodians of a vital link in their food ingredients supply chain.

A quality appointment for Joanne
New ‘key’ employee to deliver superior standard of BRC accreditation - June 2010

Joanne BradleyThird party logistics company, Atchison Topeka has to continuously adapt and respond to the ever changing rules and regulations associated with the food ingredients supply chain sector.

To ensure both complete compliance to current food standards and to implement policy and processes for continuous improvement, the company is pleased to announce the successful appointment of Joanne Bradley as its new Quality Manager.

Ms. Bradley will be the chief custodian of the company’s BRC (British Retail Consortium) standard across both Atchison Topeka’s Droitwich and Worcester sites. Her remit will involve rendering support to its entire employee-base, ensuring commitment to delivering the very best standards of quality to its customers is high on everyone’s agenda.

With four years experience as Quality Manager at Kerry Ingredients, part of the world leading Kerry Group, Ms. Bradley says: “I want to bring a renewed focus to quality at Atchison Topeka and additional capabilities to ensure that we as a team perform, and that we are the best we can be from a quality perspective.”

Bringing with her extensive technical knowledge on quality, an ability to work with an array of people, tempered with a focus on reinforcing audit compliance will effectively help Atchison Topeka to achieve the next level of accreditation. ”I want to channel and fully utilise the skills that Atchison Topeka already has to enable the company to attain the superior BRC standard.

Atchison Topeka delivers, and so do I” concludes Ms. Bradley.

'Farm to fork' or 'plough to plate'
Atchison Topeka is awarded Organic Food Federation Certification - May 2010

Organic Food Federation CertificationConsumer demand for organic food has significantly grown over the last three years and with this comes a critical need to uphold the standards established at every point in the supply chain.

Third-party food ingredients logistics company, Atchison Topeka has been awarded Organic Food Federation Certification for maintaining these standards at their vital point along the supply chain.

Organic produce is traceable from 'farm to fork' (growth to consumer) and every stage of the journey has to be inspected, examined and certified. Atchison Topeka ensures full traceability and compatibility of all products, eliminating any potential contact with toxic pesticides. This guarantees the integrity of any product marketed as organic.

Atchison Topeka extends their level of commitment to organic products by actively seeking to minimise emissions produced by every journey made. With a fleet of 50 new ‘low emission’ trucks and effective use of the groupage model, the company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint.

Quality Manager, Joanne Bradley says, "Atchison Topeka ensure the safety and organic integrity of all consumer food products, which is really important for people who have strong ethical views on the provenance of the food they eat. I am really proud that we have been awarded Organic Food Federation Certification. It is a fantastic achievement and complements our BRC accreditation."

Atchison Topeka goes the extra mile! - April 2010

Barry Callebaut During the week that followed the Volcanic Eruption in April, countless people were stranded abroad or unable to get home due to the ash in Europe’s airspace. One person who was amongst the 1000’s who were grounded was Kelly Prauseová, the daughter of Ronald Liebaut at Barry Callebaut.

As Barry Callebaut and Atchison Topeka have been close working partners for a number of years, we thought we would help out!

Below is Kelly’s personal story of her journey with the Atchison Topeka drivers!

Kelly Prauseová“You aren’t flying anywhere, love, because of the volcano in Iceland and stuff.” I had difficulties not to laugh when I heard the men repairing our balcony door that morning saying that.  Is he drunk? I thought. “Tune in the radio, love, it’s all over the place, the ash and stuff”. I didn’t feel like having this conversation so decided to jump subject, with success.

As he left and realizing that we have neither television nor radio, as we just moved, I took my laptop and googled the silly volcano story, just to make sure that I was sure. The rest is recent history. Yes, there had been volcano eruptions in Iceland, spitting ash and causing chaos all over the European skies. My journey home didn’t look bright at first. Desperate to get home, I started looking for alternatives; unfortunately, I wasn’t the only one looking. At the end of the day, I gave in, called home to tell the news when my father, Ronald Liebaut, who has been working for Barry Callebaut longer than I live,  came to the rescue. The sky cleared blue for me; he made a call or two and dispatched my adventure in co-operation with Toby Love.

Atchison Topeka and Barry Callebaut have been friends, business partners for the more critical readers among us, for quite some nice years. Good relations need to be nourished and doing each other a favour is one of the ways how. Atchison Topeka went the extra mile for Barry Callebaut; they indeed delivered, though it wasn’t only chocolate this time.

At 6am I left Manchester behind me, changing trains in Birmingham and off I was to Droitwitch. As I nervously walked down the platform, I saw a man in a smart blue uniform winking at me.
I gave him my broadest smile, you know, I wouldn’t want to spoil my father’s reputation. That was John. He took me down to the yard where all the well being taken care of trucks were waiting for their mates to take them on the road.

After John’s quick briefing with Charlotte, who gave me a safety jacket (just to stress out the company’s awareness of safety policies at work) and a small parlour with Toby, who wanted to make sure everything was ok, we left the building, heading Aalst.

Getting in the truck didn’t go as smoothly as it used to go. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never driven a truck, my father did the road ages ago until my mother made her point very clear about him being at home more often; I’m sure you understand what she meant by that. Anyway, being in the truck brought back nice daughter - daddy memories.

When we arrived in Dover, all trucks were waiting to get on the train. Suddenly, I realised we were surrounded by a lot of trucks, only trucks, trucks as far as I could see, all waiting to cross the channel to the mainland. It is a man’s world, I really didn’t fit in the picture but I thought it was hilarious!

Once John elegantly parked the truck on the train, it was time for lunch. I chose pasta, and regretted the choice as soon as I lifted the lid of the plate. The smell of nothing in combination with the view of a pile of over-boiled white pasta and pasta alone was a bit sad. John had a good laugh when he saw my face, but my food worries were soon forgotten when a piece of baguette and cheese smiled at me.

Andy Taylor had been asked to take a lady back from Aalst to Manchester. He didn’t know who, so he started speculating together with his mate, who was, as well working day, who they might take. Could it be Mr. Callebaut’s daughter, maybe she studies in Manchester. Couldn’t he have arranged a bit more comfortable travel for her? Maybe it is a set-up, a kind of inspection? Is my cabinet clean enough? Of course, once we were on the road, the mystery had been revealed and how funny it was!

Back To Blighty!!! These are Andrew’s words. That is what he likes about the driving, the road, the going away but most of all the coming back home, that is what brings sense to it all. It was heart warming to hear how Andrew, who moved from Denmark, started all over again in England, and herewith I want to wish him and his Angela all the best luck; or how John and Oliver, John’s son, found a new home in Lanzarote. These lads, connect home with persons not with places, I think that is grand. Family that is what it’s all about; for me, for John, for Andy, and hopefully for all of us.

Dear Toby,
Thank you for your willingness to help.
I wanted to go home and you made it happen.

Dear John and Andy,
Wicked!!! What an adventure, from the beginning till the end.
Thank you for the lift but mostly, thank you for sharing your personal space and stories with me; it has been a great pleasure travelling with you. Take care! 

Cadbury go nuts about Atchison Topeka - March 2010

CadburyAtchison Topeka have signed a 3 year contract with the Nation’s favourite chocolate provider to set up a dedicated nut handling facility. The facility will further enhance levels of food safety and will fall under Atchison Topeka’s recently obtained BRC accreditation.

The work will entail the de-canting of nuts into bespoke IBC’s (Intermediate Bulk Containers), which will feed directly on to the Cadbury production lines 7 days a week. Atchison Topeka will also control the waste management aspect of the contract which involves the bailing and recycling of packaging received.

Atchison Topeka’s Managing Director, Mike Phillips says, ‘I am delighted to further our existing relationship with one of the countries leading chocolate manufacturers. This contract supports our desire to move the business forwards into other added value services.’AT Cadbury

Atchison Topeka are a third-party food logistics business that focus solely on the storage and distribution of Food Ingredients, both palletised and bulk tankers, into the manufacturing and Food Services centres of the UK. Established for over 20 years, they operate from an expansive new purpose built site providing warehousing facilities with 20,000 pallet spaces, a modern distribution fleet and a high specification bulk tanker fleet.

 'Taking the biscuit' as Atchison Topeka is awarded McVities contract - January 2010

McVitiesDroitwich-based food ingredients logistics company, Atchison Topeka, is pleased to announce it has secured a significant contract with the UK’s leading biscuit manufacturer, McVities.

McVities have been making biscuits across Europe for nearly two centuries and hold leading positions in UK, Belgium, France, Ireland and the Netherlands. The new contract involves the storage and distribution of egg powder to factories in Aintree, Halifax, Manchester and Glasgow.

Atchison Topeka operates in a niche market offering a ‘food ingredients network’ providing tailored supply chain solutions for many of the major food manufacturing centres and ingredients providers in the UK. Many of Atchison Topeka’s customers are now reaping significant benefits in terms of cost savings by utilising a shared user logistics network.

The company has recently made a significant investment in providing a warehousing facility with 20,000 pallet spaces; a state-of-the art distribution fleet; all underpinned by its recent BRC (British Retail Consortium Storage and Distribution) accreditation.

Atchison Topeka’s Sales Manager, Scott Waters said:”We’re delighted to be working for such a prestigious brand as McVities which is affirmation that our recent investments are beginning to pay dividends.”

“Food safety is a critical element for the supply chain when handling food ingredients and our BRC accreditation demonstrates our ability to achieve this. In addition, there are significant commercial benefits by consolidating loads or pallet groupage into manufacturing sites on a just in time supply.”

Fleet renewal means more than ROI for 3PL Atchison Topeka - January 2010

Fleet renewal means more than ROI for 3PL Atchison Topeka Third party food ingredients logistics company, Atchison Topeka has made a major investment in renewing its entire distribution fleet.

Atchison Topeka’s move to replace its existing fleet means that every single vehicle is now compliant to the Euro IV or Euro V standard, EU legislation introduced to help reduce vehicle emissions. The new fleet comprises a total of 50 Scania low emission compliant trucks. 

To compliment the new traction fleet Atchison Topeka has replaced its trailer fleet in a long term deal with TIP in a fully maintained service contract.  The decision was made to optimise the configuration with 10 Lamberet refrigerated trailers and 40 SDC curtain sided trailers; complete with a specialist strapping system to minimise damage.

Providing a range of innovative “food ingredient” logistics solutions for many of the major food manufacturing centres in the UK, Atchison Topeka’s decision to invest in a new fleet will help the company to galvanise its overall expansion plans. The combination of the vehicle acquisition and its state-of-the-art expansive warehousing means that it now has the operational infrastructure to support significant growth. 

“The technological advancements in the way HGV vehicles are designed and developed means that vehicles are lighter and ergonomically better equipped. Of course we continually work towards reducing our environmental impact, but from a commercial stance we wanted to be more fuel efficient and run newer more reliable equipment which is less expensive to maintain and minimise downtime,” says Mr Phillips.

“I think the other benefits of fleet renewal is that as a responsible employer, new trucks are far more driver friendly and comfortable.  Our drivers are the most important resource we have. Whilst we constantly strive towards improving the quality of our service to our customers, we aim to achieve this without compromising the comfort and well being our employees."

Belgian chocolate contract worth £3m for Midlands 3PL - October 2009

Droitwich-based food ingredients logistics company, Atchison Topeka is pleased to announce the renewal of its distribution and warehousing contract with global leading chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut.

With annual sales of in excess of £2.5 billion, Barry Callebaut has been a customer of Atchison Topeka for over 14 years.  However in today’s competitive climate suppliers everywhere are under increasing pressure to continually exceed expectations by delivering high levels of service at reducing cost.

The Barry Callebaut contract will involve the collection of chocolate from factories both in the UK and mainland Europe and then storing the product in Atchison’s new 20,000 pallet store.  Atchison Topeka will then be responsible for delivering the chocolate throughout the UK to customer delivery points ranging from large industrial manufacturers to specialist gourmet chocolatiers.

Atchison Topeka’s investment in technology over recent years has not only delivered a robust business platform with exceptional levels of inventory accuracy, but it has been further advanced to deliver full integration to customer systems via the Wesupply web based b2b integration tool.

Wesupply provides business-to-business integration and supply chain collaboration solutions for both retailers and manufacturers. The level of automation and integration allows Barry Callebaut and Atchison Topeka to concentrate on core activities whilst sales order and inventory management processes are managed automatically with Wesupply.
Atchison Topeka’s, Managing Director, Mike Philips is delighted that the company has secured the contract renewal for one of the world’s leading chocolate manufacturers. “This is a huge achievement for us and not just because of the contract’s monetary value and prestige of working for Barry Callebaut, but it also confirms that the investment made in re-engineering our business during difficult times was the right thing to do and has it delivered levels of accuracy and service that are market leading”.

Mr Phillips continues: “The renewal of the contract has been a great boost of confidence for us and we hope to build upon this to secure a larger market presence in the food ingredients sector.

Listen to Atchison Topeka's sales manager Scott Waters on BBC Hereford & Worcester discussing the Barry Callebaut contract.

Your system requires Adobe Flash to listen to this audio.

Atchison Topeka awarded BRC Storage and Distribution Certification - August 2009

AT awarded the BRC STorage & Distribution CertificationDroitwich-based third party food ingredients logistics company, Atchison Topeka is pleased to announce that it has been awarded BRC (British Retail Consortium) Storage and Distribution certification; a much-coveted standard demonstrating its competence in maintaining product safety and integrity.

The BRC Storage and Distribution Standard ensures that best practice in all operational processes are developed, implemented and maintained by organisations involved in the storage and distribution of food products.

In the early part of 2009 Atchison Topeka invested significant resources into attaining the Standard which was rewarded in May when full certification was granted. The company made a conscious decision to use the opportunity to revisit and improve its operational processes and re-train over 130 personnel.  This included the full integration of HACCP (Hazardous Analysis and Critical Control Points) training, which involved all employees.

Atchison Topeka’s Managing Director, Mike Phillips commented: “As a third party logistics operator handling and delivering food ingredients, BRC accreditation means much more than a commitment towards continually improving our quality systems. It means that our customers are safe in the knowledge that everyone involved in the supply chain function is ensuring complete compliance and more importantly the highest levels of food hygiene and safety.

The BRC Standard was developed to promote improvements to processes and more consistency across supply chains. To the consumer issues such as poor food handling, carless stock control and temperature abuse may seem far removed, but in fact they can have a very definite negative effect on the food that ends up on our plates.

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